Maurer’s has uniforms that will make every employee, from executive to the workforce, look like they are part of a unified team.  Our high-quality, custom apparel will give them a clean-cut, professional image that will positively represent your business.

Maurer’s also offers a complete line of Restroom Products.
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Choose Maurer’s for Uniform Rental in Lansing


Companies that have their employees dress in uniforms do so for many reasons, and one is to show that your workers are all part of one united team. If your business is well-known in your hometown, any new employee you hire will be proud and excited to be handed that shirt, hat, or another item with your name and logo. Depend on Maurer’s for your uniform rentals in Lansing — we provide top-quality products and the best in customer service.

Uniform Rentals vs. Purchasing

You can buy your uniforms from us, so why choose uniform rental? There are several reasons uniform rental might work better for your business.

First, purchasing uniforms for employees requires a layout of cash. Since you have to get the right size uniforms for your employees, if they don’t stay long, you are stuck with a uniform that may not fit any other employee.

When you choose uniform rental over purchasing, you also get regular, professional uniform cleaning. This is an invaluable service for professions such as automotive and restaurant workers, where uniforms get stained more often with substances that are difficult to get out, such as oil and tomato sauce. Our industrial washers and cleaning products get your uniforms clean and sanitized.

They won’t be wrinkled either. We use industrial pressers to create smooth surfaces and sharp creases. Many of your employees will not be skilled or motivated enough to achieve this level of professionalism on their own.

Yet another benefit of uniform rentals is that we provide repairs. If one of your uniforms has a tear or another issue, simply take a picture of the problem, upload it and we’ll fix it.



Uniform Rentals for All Business Sectors

You’ve seen some shops that sell scrubs and medical uniforms, or others that sell only uniforms for food service workers. Here at Maurer’s, we have all professions covered. We sell uniforms for automotive, medical, food service, hospitality, and industrial. If your business uses uniforms, we’ve got uniform rentals for you.

We provide short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, pants, coveralls, outerwear, aprons, lab coats — anything your business needs.


Custom Uniform Rentals

We can also customize your uniforms with your company’s logo as well as the names of your employees if you wish. We have exact color matching, so your logo will look just like it does on the front of your business!

For the best uniform rental service in Lansing, contact the team at Maurer’s. We have been making customers happy for more than 50 years.